Which Amazon Cruise is best for us?

Clavero Amazon Cruise
Estrella Amazon Cruise
Amatista Amazon Cruise
Delfin 1 Amazon Cruises
Delfin 2 Amazon Cruises
Aqua Amazon River Cruise
Aria Amazon River Cruises
Cattleya Amazon River Cruise

Likely the best place to start is to consider why you want to take an Amazon cruise in the first place. Are you simply looking to cruise someplace you haven’t been before? The Amazon certainly is a unique destination and that reason alone justifies doing it! Is your focus on wildlife and experiencing flora and fauna of the rainforest? Are there certain animals you hope to see? While all cruise programs focus on this, certain cruises have a more serious approach and wildlife program than others. Are you interested in indigenous cultures and the local people? What activity level are you looking for?

These are all questions our tour coordinators usually pose when someone calls asking what Amazon cruise ship and program is best for them. Our tour coordinators have years of first-hand experience on Amazon riverboats and an intimate knowledge of the rivers, forest, people and wildlife.

Other considerations are: size of boat and number of travelers, level of accommodations; rustic, comfortable or luxury, length of the cruise program, and not the least: the cost.

You may want to view our chart that summarizes the features and programs of the 8 different Amazon Riverboats.

Amazon Cruise Ship Comparison

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