Demystifying Online Casino Deposit Bonuses— A Gambler’s Guide

Demystifying Online Casino Deposit Bonuses— A Gambler’s Guide

One of the ways online casinos attract players and keep them hooked is through bonus offers. When you’re a newbie and want to check out first if an online casino will be a good fit for you, you’d generally want to grab the opportunity to do so without risking any of your money in the process. Tapping into this need, online casinos have designed welcome bonuses or sign-up bonuses which basically allow players to assess what a virtual website has to offer.

Different casinos offer bonuses of varying amounts. It’s common for these websites though to offer a 100% match for whatever deposit a player is willing to make. This means that for a $100 deposit to your account, you will also get a corresponding $100 as a bonus offer. That’s double the money you can use to place wagers when playing the various casino games that the site offers.

Note that bonuses are generally subject to certain conditions and rules that the online casino has set. This means that the manner in which you can use them when playing the casino’s games or how you are going to withdraw them, later on, will be subject to stringent rules.

Online casinos have to implement stringent rules in the manner in which these bonuses can be used as a way for them to prevent those people who are only trying to take advantage of the bonus offer from running away with the free money. For instance, some casinos have set up their bonus offers to only be available for access once you have used up your deposit. Say, if you made a $100 deposit, you will first have to use up the deposit amount before you will be allowed to access the $100 bonus.

This forces the player to actually use his own money first before he will be allowed to dip into the casino money in the form of the bonus offer. This is one way for online casinos to ensure that only those players who are truly serious about playing and staying with the casino will accept the offer.

Most online casinos also have a wagering requirement that players will have to comply with first if they are to cash out their bonuses and the earnings derived from it. Different casinos have different wagering requirements for every bonus offer they extend. So, players are advised to pay close attention to the conditions that the casinos have laid out before accepting anything.

For instance, if a casino has set the wagering requirement to x20 and you received a $100 bonus, you’ll need to place a total of $2000 in wagers before you will be allowed to withdraw any earnings you have scored out of the casino bonus money that you have accepted. This number further increases if you have been offered a much higher bonus.

Gone were the days when all online casino players will care about is finding the website that will offer the highest bonus amount. These days, what you should be more concerned with are the specific wagering requirements that are attached to the offer. In the past, online casinos were known to offer bonuses without any restrictions attached to them.

Many online casino players took advantage of these offers, signing up only to receive the bonus, withdraw the money and not come back. Today, casinos are still as generous as ever but the restrictions they have placed on bonuses ensure that they will also protect their interest in the process. Thus, preventing online gamblers from abusing the offers.

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